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Christmas Classics

Christmas Classics

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Toyland - Single - Natalya Phillips

You Remind Me of Christmas 2011
You Remind Me of Christmas

You Remind Me of Christmas - Single - Natalya PhillipsYou Remind Me of Christmas - Single - Natalya Phillips

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Favorite Film Soundtracks

Hi Everybody!


It's hard to believe that we are already well into 2013, and Valentine's Day is just around the corner. Time is flying for me! I've been kept busy finishing up my senior year of high school. It is like the end of one era for me, and the exciting beginning of another as I await the outcome of months of intense involvement in the college admissions process.  One thing that really gives me a break from the hectic pace of life, is to sit down to the escape of a good movie! Maybe even more important to a good movie than its actors in good roles, is a film's music which penetrates deeper into the soul by triggering emotions. 


As the incredible film composer Jerry Goldsmith once said, "If you are scoring a scene for a man on a horse galloping away - you don't score the gallop but you score the fear of the rider."


Next time you sit down to a great movie, consider how much the music moves you and allows the movie to carry you away!


Here are my top five favorite movie soundtracks/scores. Please free to comment and share your favorites as well.


Favorite Film Soundtracks/Scores:


  1. 1.Up
  2. 2.Moonrise Kingdom
  3. 3.Meet Joe Black
  4. 4.Once
  5. 5.Little Shop of Horrors